domingo, 16 de febrero de 2014

Gold Dust Collection - Colección Gold Dust

Gold Dust Collection by L'ORÉAL

Hello folks,

New post right here. Today, I have 4 lovely polishes by L'ORÉAL from the Gold Dust Collection. I have to admit that I instantly fell in love with these polishes as soon as I saw them, so of course, I HAD to get them.

Please find a picture of them below :)

From left to right: Sexy in Sequins, Hidden Gems, The Statement Piece and Rough Around the Edges.

Now I will show you two pictures of each polish: a shot of the bottle and another one of my nails wearing the polish of course.

I will start with Sexy in Sequin.. This is an AWESOME colour. I really like how rich and sparkly this purple polish is. It has tons of golden micro glitter in it and small silver hexes. How fabulous is that?. Oh.. I almost forgot to mention that these are TEXTURED!.

Two coats, no top coat (doesn't seem to be textured at all, but it is)

Next one in line is Hidden Gems.. I totally like this name... I find this dark teal really lovely, since this is one of my favourite colours! It has small silver sequins in it and of course, fine teal glitter. I felt fancy while wearing it :)

 Two easy coats! I love the coverage.

Time for some real awesomeness... I mean, time for The Statement Piece to show off... What else can I say about this lovely crushed gold dust polish?. It has really fine gold glitter that looks like sand, and it also has small silver glitter in it. What's more elegant than gold polish?

 Two amazing easy coats again... *dead*

Last one, but certainly not least... Rough Around The Edges... There is nothing rough about this polish... even though it has a black base filled with extra fine silver glitter, it looks really delicate and feminine. Let me show you...

 Two coats here as well...

Did you notice all of these polishes have something in common? They all have silver glitter in it! :)

Final thoughts:

-If you are able to get your hands on these beauties, get them!... I am sure you will love them as much as I do.
-In terms of price, I think it's fine, since the quality of these polishes is amazing.
-Application is perfect, smooth and easy!

Thanks for reading me guys, feel free to invite your friends to come over and read my posts. Also, please let me know your feedback! I am new at blogging and I am sure there is a lot for me to learn, so I am willing to take notes and do it better next time.


4 comentarios:

  1. Hidden Gems is may favorite but all of them are gorgeous!

    1. I know right? Super gorgeous! Really elegant and rich! :)

  2. Hola Wiiis!!!! Te quedo hermoso tu primer post ya en forma! Me encantan estos esmaltes están tan llenos de glitter y brillitos dorados.....HEEEEERRMOOOSOOOS!!!
    Que bueno que ya podemos ver más fotos de tus manis ;)
    Un beso,

  3. Ay Mary que linda amiga! Gracias miles por tu apoyo hehehe, ya iré aprendiendo poco a poco cómo mejorar mis post y todo eso....

    Besitos para ti también :)